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These lovely shepherds hooks are elegant and versatile and will come to the rescue. They are made in the shape of a classic shepherds crook and come in a stunning white colour. Simply push the base into the ground.


You can use the hooks to hold small pots filled with colourful flowers. For a kiddies party, you can create a fun look by attaching colourful balloons. For an evening affair, create a fairytale walkway to your event tables by hanging glass tealight candles holders along either side of the path.




  • Size 63cm long, 7.5cm max width
  • Colour white only
  • pack of 10 hooks



These hooks are ideal for weddings, parties, Sweet 16’s, engagements, anniversaries, barbecues and other celebrations. They can also be used to add a unique touch to your garden even if you are not planning a grand event.

White Shepherds Hooks x 1 set 10

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